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Ciflux is a plumbing and heating company whose activity covers all water and energy applications on single-family homes. Its experience is unanimously recognized by a large number of private clients. Their testimonials attest the performance of the installations and the quality of the service.

The company has 6 workers and acts locally. Its area of intervention covers mainly the municipalities of Lagoa, Portimão, Lagos, Vila do Bispo, and Sagres.

Ciflux founds its strategy on 5 main principles:

with the constant concern of optimizing its services and to respect its suppliers and installers.

Competence and proximity

Led by an engineer with solid industrial experience, Ciflux is based in Lagos and has been sharing its competences for 10 years. The company is proud of the loyalty of its customers who do not hesitate to re-equip themselves, as well as its installers who renew their confidence.

A responsible engagement and a quality relationship

Among the centers of interest of the company, the management of renewable energies is an essential concern. Ciflux cultivates respect not only for its customers, but also for its suppliers, concurrents as well as the environment.


The central heating of a house is a thermal system in motion, a dynamic system.
Radiators, radiant floors, radiant walls, electric floors, reversible air conditioning, chimneys with water supply, gas boilers, back boilers, heat pumps, solar panels, ... or a mixture of these different solutions, Ciflux is able to propose a number of solutions best adapted to each house and to each budget.
Ciflux's specialty is the management of several energy sources and the optimization of consumption costs.
With a great experience in heating techniques involving more than one energy source, Ciflux is also concerned about new developments in order to offer more reliability and performance while preserving the environment.

Our job is to help you choose the unit that will produce the energy, the system that will spread this energy into the house, and if needed, to help you in the reduction of the losses of energy and to reach an eficient and reliable solution, according to your needs.

Energy Sources

The energy can be produced by a gas, oil or wood boiler, a pellet salamander, solar panels, a heat pump, or a direct electrical source.... These are the energy sources.
This energy is then dissipated in the house by one of the energy dissipators.

Under construction

gas boiler

The gas boiler is ....

back boiler

The back boiler is ....

back boiler

The Heat Pump uses electricity to transport energy from where it is available (outdoor environment) into the house. This way, the operating costs are divided by 4, or 5. The outdoor environment can be the subsoil (geothermal), or the ambient air (aerothermal). Today, most pumps can also reverse the process and "produce" cold, being the best solution in terms of operation and comfort.

pellet boiler

The pellet boiler is ....

solar source

The most widespread application of Thermal Solar Systems is for domestic hot water, but they can also supplement central heating, pool heating or jacuzzi. The panels are units of 2 to 2.5 m2, installed on the roof or in the garden, in a vertical or horizontal position.

Energy Dissipators

The energy dissipators are used to distribute the energy produced by one (or several) of the energy sources and can be installed in the floor, in the walls, in the ceiling, or more commonly as radiators or convectors.

Under construction


The radiator ....

radiant floor

The radiant floor ....

radiant wall

The radiant walls ....

fan coil

The fan coils ....

Pellet Burners

A renewable way to keep your home warm and comfortable. With the rising price of gas and diesel, not to mention the wish of many to move towards a more sustainable fuel source, the option of wood fire boilers is very attractive. Wood pellet boilers are a fully automated, environmentally friendly solution that satisfies the demands of today's lifestyle. Heating with pellets has become a popular and widely used way of supplying heat. This is no wonder, for pellet heating systems are not only environmentally friendly, they also offer the highest levels of heating comfort with the latest technology.

pellet burners

Water Treatment

The NEREO system removes between 96% and 97.5% of the salts dissolved in water, which are separated and removed in the rejection. This method allows access to safe, fresh water, of exceptional quality for drinking and cooking.

Under construction


Osmosis ....

chlorine treatment

Chlorine treatment ....


Filtration ....


Softener ....


Under construction

water treatment

Water treatment ....


Covers ....

pool heaters

Pool heaters ....

leak detection

Leak detection ....

Air Conditioning

air conditioning

Air conditioning is the most economical and responsive solution for having a temperated room. Its disadvantages are aesthetics because of the outdoor and indoor units, and its weak points in terms of comfort, but the cost of equipment and ease of installation make it the most economical solution for a heating / cooling system and therefore a widespread solution in the Algarve.
In summer, its cooling capabilities are very effective, but the system dries the air of the house. In winter, the system is also very efficient in terms of temperature. Although it is the most economical solution in terms of installation, it is not the most comfortable solution since the dissipation is done by convection and not by radiation.

It can be a very good solution for a low insulated house, for a secundary living that does not justify a big investment or for a renovation.
Ciflux works with several brands to meet the specific needs of its customers.

Solar Systems

Under construction

Thermal Solar Systems

The most widespread application of thermal solar systems is for domestic hot water, but they can also supplement central heating, pool heating or jacuzzi. For heating, solar thermal is a backup solution, reducing operating costs, and because heating is most needed when there's no sunshine, we do not consider it as the main source.
Nevertheless, because hot water is needed all year long, the solar system very often becomes the main source.

Ciflux has been working with two brands last several years regarding forced systems and thermosyphon systems. Thermal solar systems are a sensitive subject in terms of longevity, the market is relatively new and the errors are still numerous. Every month new brands appear on the market. In this context, for the satisfaction of the clients and for the reputation of the company, the research for competitiveness is based on the quality and not on the prices.

solar colectors

Solar collectors

solar termossifao


Solar photovoltaic

Under construction

solar panels

Installation for instant consumption

solar system

Inverter and AC electric board

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